The prior post ‘Saying Goodbye to CFS’ provoked a myriad of reader responses. The majority of readers expressed positve wishes for me. However, some readers seemed to miss the point of the posting. I was not claiming to never have had CFS/ME I was mearly expressing the fact that it is likely that I do have an autoimmune disease in addition to CFS/ME. Further, I was trying to improve the quality of life for the people of the ME community by encouraging them to not attribute every symptom to ME. As an extreme example of why it is important to not attribute every symptom to ME can you guess what disease can have the following symptoms?



Stomach pain



Enlarged lymphnodes

Give up?

Well, you could either have ME or possibly end-stage pancreatic cancer. The symptoms fit both.

I was not trying to say that had I known I also had an autoimmune disease years earlier that 100% of my life would have been different, but I am saying that perhaps it would have been a little easier.

One final note. A friend left this comment on the blog which I didn’t approve (sorry, M!) because I was waiting to write this entry and these sentiments were exactly what I needed to add in right about here, “I am not sure that the only explanation of your 21 years of sickness is the Autoimmune disease: my ex had just the autoimmune disease, but the CFS/ME symptoms were not there, although many others were. Most autoimmune disease among CFS/ME patients come with time… But well, I really hope that you recover well from everything, whatever it may be.”

My thoughts exactly. For all of us.

This is going to be a busy posting day. I have two more posts waiting to go up.