Have you ever played the telephone game? What begins as a simple statement winds its way through many pairs of ears until the original statement is unrecognizable. For example – “You are severely anemic because of the Ampligen and you’ll be taken off of the drug if the anemia doesn’t get better” actually started out as – “You’re becoming mildly anemic. Eat more red meat.” It is a good lesson for me to remember that dire news isn’t always dire news.

I had quite a banner Ampligen week. Wednesday I woke up feeling something that I had forgotten about. I felt rested. I felt like I had actually slept. I ended up being able to take the in-house vacuum apart and haul it down to the vacuum repair shop. I didn’t crash on Thursday. I did the opposite. I reassembled the vacuum, vacuumed the entire house, scrubbed both bathrooms (including tubs and showers), did two loads of laundry, got every drain in the house running faster, did six minutes of brisk walking, played fetch with the dogs for 30 minutes outside in the heat, took a steamy hot shower to get off the sweat and dog slobber (and I didn’t feel woozy!), made a few phone calls, read half a book, painted a water-color, took a one hour nap and then had three guests over for three hours. I went to bed at 10:30 and I was up at 6:40 feeling rested and raring to go. Friday I exercised the dogs prior to the infusion, got infused, came home and sent out some emails, made a few more phone calls and finished my book. I was busy all morning and into the afternoon. I didn’t end up crashing until Friday evening at about 7:00 pm. Almost three full days of energy is unheard of for me!

The crash caused more pain, but it was tolerable with Tylenol. I did feel very dizzy and light-headed and had a major increase in nausea. I did not sleep well thanks to the dizziness and nausea. The major crash symptoms that were manifested were anxiety and tears. It was odd. I cried my eyes out for hours without feeling really sad. The only thing I have to compare it to is when a small child has been allowed to stay up to late and sobs for lack of sleep. I felt anxious without really being able to figure out why.

 I wasn’t really tired on Saturday like I would be in a normal crash. I was sleepy since I had not slept for more than 4 or so hours on Friday night, but I wasn’t dead tired like I expected to be. I slept well on Saturday night and I feel back to baseline or even a bit above baseline today (Sunday). This is just more proof that Ampligen is working for me. While my house is usually clean enough to eat off the floors that is thanks to the dedication of my family. I have not been able to contribute to the cleaning process for the past year or so. To have done all this and still feel this good is beyond exciting.       

I stayed at the 100 mg level for both infusions this week. I had what I would describe as an increase in flu-like symptoms plus a little bone pain tossed in for good measure. The Claritin still works wonders. At the end of week 9 I can affirm that though the process of the Ampligen is more physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging than anything I have ever done – it does work.

I know that there are many people who would like to take Ampligen and cannot due to health, location and  /or costs. It is my hope that this drug will be approved by the FDA so that anyone who wants to try Ampligen may try Ampligen. In the meantime, if you live close to an infusion site you might consider an Ampligen trial.

 Some insurances will cover the office visits and infusion costs and a half dose of Ampligen is 7,200.00 per year. That works out to 600.00 per month. Not cheap by any account, but many patients spend twice that on various OTC medications, acupuncture, antivirals and other treatments. I think the statement “shoot for the moon; even if you fall short you’ll still land in the stars” can be applied here.