Treatments #15 and #16:

“The best laid plans often go awry” and “the road to h*** is paved with good intentions.” These two sayings should have run though my mind on Tuesday morning. They didn’t. So what happens when common sense won’t be heeded? Pop media bites you in the backside – as in ‘Ampligen IV – The Ampligen Strikes Back.’

While I had originally intended to only increase my Ampligen dosage by 25 mg – 50 mg I was told that could not be done. I had to go from 100 mg to 200 mg. (I have since been corrected and that is not the case.) However, at the time I didn’t want to make a fuss. So, like an idiot I said “okay, let’s double it!” It was also time for the week eight blood draw.

Thereafter followed a rather scary evening. My temperature which started at a pre-infusion 96.7 degrees farenheit began to rise. Two hours post infusion I was at 98.9 and still climbing. Four hours post infusion I hit 100.  Another hour and my fever rose to 102. My fever continued to rise from there, but the new pressing problem was my inability to consume adequate liquids since my throat and tonsils were so sore I could not swallow. My family was prepared to take me to the ER, but I was too ill to go. All I could do was sit and shake like a giant chihuahua and swallow as much Tylenol as I could safely take. To my great relief my temperature began to decline after midnight.

Wednesday brought a whole basket of delights. I witnessed the return of mind-blowing bone pain, muscle pain, joint pain, lymph node swelling (and pain), spine and neck pain and more hair loss than usual. This was in addition to my usual nausea and food avoidance.

Thursday was a bit more survivable than Wednesday.

Friday I reported my lack of success with the jump to 200 mg. I then promptly dropped back to my 100 mg level. My brief excursion to the 200 mg level made my body ready to attack even 100 mg of Ampligen. I had more pain (bone pain especially) and more swollen lymph nodes than I had previously had at the 100 mg level. 

Several hours after my Friday infusion I got a call from the Doctor’s office. My doctor explained that (luck me) I was experiencing another rare side effect of Ampligen. I have become extremely anemic. I now get to subject my nauseous self to lots of red meat and lots of iron supplements or risk losing the Ampligen because of the anemia.   

The saga (like Star Wars) continues. Will someone please notify Harrison Ford?