Treatments #13 and #14:

I have heard from some other previous and current Ampligen users that they have much stronger immune systems when they take Ampligen. Apparently that is not yet true for me. I managed to catch a nasty bronchitis. It hit hard and fast. One evening I was okay, the next I could barely breathe. So I am on a short course of IV antibiotics. Yay for me!

I am still on the 100 mg of Ampligen. I plan to move up to 150 on Tuesday. (No pain, no gain right?) My biggest issue is the nausea and a new pain in my hip bones and sockets. I have no idea why this new pain turned up. It started before the antibiotics so I am thinking those are not the problem.

I am still taking all my antiemetics and my ppi’s, but I am still sick. So, I am not really eating. Not eating is kind of a new experience for me. I usually like (okay, love) my food, but nothing is even remotely tempting. I like to be optimistic, so I am hoping that this new anti-food stance will help me shed a few extra pounds.

On the plus side I am getting out of the house more! I have been on three outings this week. I have hit a grocery store, a media store and WalMart. I also had the energy after coming home from the store to write this mildly coherent blog. I have had a few friends over and had several long phone conversations with relatives. I could not do any of these things without severe and immediate relapses just seven weeks ago. I must say – well done Ampligen!

I am still exercising for a few minutes at a time a few times per day. I am continuing with the classical music therapy. I have yet to see results from either of these two side experiments. 

Alrighty then, that about covers it.


ps – yet another major step forward has occurred in ME. There are new guidelines for receiving a diagnosis of ME. Also the name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has kicked the bucket. All those in favor of taking that kicked bucket and throwing it into the Marianas Trench please raise you hands. (It looks unanimous to me!) Check out this link for the new Myalgic Encephalomyelitis International consensus Criteria (MEICC)