My first month on Ampligen is now behind me. I am amazed at how far I have come. I have gone from feeling like I was melded into the sofa cushions to feeling like doing things! Before I started this process I would snap on the tv and leave it on whatever channel it was already on. I did not have the energy to make a decision to change the channel. Now I can channel surf with the best of them. More importantly, I get up every commercial break to do something. I am still stuck in the position of wanting to do far more than I physically can, but I feel like I am on the right path!

Since I last wrote I have done the following:

Thursday: 10 minute aerobic dance workout, wrote in my personal journal, rough-housed with dogs for 10 minutes, made my bed and cleaned my room (wah-hoo!), showered in a HOT shower for 20 minutes. (Water bill be darned!)

Friday: Infusion day, 5 minutes of spontaneous and spastic dancing, went to the library and spent 40 minutes wandering through the isles. Checked out 19 books. Played with dogs for 40 minutes – fetch, frisbee, and wrestling. Read lots.

Saturday: Walked dogs at park for 15 minutes. Talked with friend for one hour. Talked with sister for one hour. Cleaned out the car (including vacuuming and windows).  Played 5 minutes with dogs. Showered and straightened hair. (My hair is halfway to my waist, it is very thick and exceptionally curly so straightening it is like competing in a hair triathlon.) Read lots.

Sunday: Went to church made it through 1/2 of service (neglected to take Tylenol before – dumb idea!) Played fetch with dog for 5 minutes. Read non-stop. 

Monday: Finished 18 of  the booksWent to the store for 40 minutes – and the day is not done yet!

There are so many things I want to see and do. I find it so hard to pace myself. The activity log book is helping though.

The side effects from infusion number 8 were slightly less intense. The fever didn’t last more than 12 hours. The muscle aches were not as bad. The bone pain, the lymph node swelling (and accompanying lymph pain) as well as the sore throat remained. The tired, but wired side effect is showing up more and more too.  

I think the biggest challenge I am facing right now is wanting to be instantly better and knowing that it is going to take time. I am also mentally wired from the medication which doesn’t help the whole “working on being patient” idea. 

Happy 4th!!!