Update on Ampligen Treatment #5:

    Twenty-four hours after my 400 mg dose of Ampligen, the aggressive, vengeful person who pretended to me disappeared. It was amazing that I could be so angry and then with the flip of a switch be back to the normal me. I considered editing the post I had written, but ultimately decided to leave it as a testament to the power of drugs to alter a personality. While I am still amazed  that I felt so angry and ill, thankfully the symptoms have passed. Below is a record of how long each ill-effect lasted with the 400 mg dose.  

Spinal pain (on-going) / stiff neck (on-going) / ringing ears (lasted 24 hours) / stiff muscles (increased intensity lasted 72 hours) / dizziness (lasted 24 hours) / generalized weakness (lasted 72 hours) / joint pain (increased intensity lasted 36 hours) / lymph node pain (on-going) / bone pain (lasted 24 hours repeated with next infusion) / nerve pain (increased intensity lasted 72 hours) / decreased visual acuity (lasted 24 hours) / red throat (lasted 12 hours) / fever (constant for about 80 hours)  / chills (on and off with the fever for about 80 hours) / dry mouth (lasted 36 hours) / restlessness (lasted about 24 hours)  / acne (on-going) and a snippy attitude (lasted for 24 hours).  

   The swelling was about 50% of maximum by Wednesday night and gone by Thursday night. 

 The doctor and I have agreed that the 400 mg dose is not for me and so I returned to 200 mg and will stay there as long as I continue to get a benefit from the lower dose. I am slowly making my way back to my baseline 200 mg self.  

Ampligen Treatment #6:

    I am so glad that I am back to 200 mg! The after effects were slightly more harsh than prior infusions. I am guessing that is because the prior several days were so awful.

    The main issues for me this round have been the increased spine and neck pain as well as the swelling of the lymph nodes. While not as spectacular as the swelling on the 400 mg dose the swelling has still been significant in my throat, neck and wrists. I also had the accompanying pains, fever, sore throat, etc. that seems to be an Ampligen staple.

    The excellent news though, is that I walked the dogs at the park this morning for 20 minutes! Proof positive that more is not always better. If you’re considering Ampligen and you are normally sensitive to medications it is worth discussing with your doctor the possibility of a lower dose. I have been in contact with people who do quite well at doses well below 200 mg as well. 

    Happy weekend!