My second Ampligen treatment is now behind me. The only hiccup with this treatment was the refusal of my left hand to cooperate in accepting the IV. Hopefully from reading prior posts, you have discovered that I am not a wimp. So when I say that hitting a nerve with an IV is painful, I am being absolutely serious. I said “ow. Ow . OW.” You might think my exclamations of pain were understated until you realize I uttered the same three words when I broke my ankle many years ago.

The side effects from this infusion are as follows: I got a slight energy buzz from the Ampligen that lasted the first hour following infusion. Following this I felt more and more like someone has slipped me a sleeping pill. I took an hour-long nap (which was lovely). I woke up and the “increased flu-like symptoms” were upon me (sore throat, fever, tender lymph nodes, brain fog galore, tiredness, muscle pain, joint pain – the works). I also cry for no reason. I think it is possible that this could be a reaction having to do with cytokines. Kelvin Lord wrote an excellent blog detailing (in part) the mental effects of Ampligen. It is worth posting a link here

I did not experience any extra energy this morning which makes me think all the more that Tuesday’s infusion and Wednesday’s subsequent energy boost did in fact come from the relief of being past infusion number one. However, the short energy buzz just after being dosed gives me hope for the future.   

On the plus side – I can’t remember when I’ve had a better night’s sleep than after an Ampligen infusion. Also, I can digest food that I would normally throw up the 2 days following an Ampligen infusion. To be able to eat and better yet to sleep has been the most amazing thing.

Now, if only I can figure out what to do with my veins…