That was a really long two weeks to wait between the initial Ampligen intake and the second set of tests. Part of the time warp was just knowing that no paperwork could be sent off until I had a second set of blood tests. 

My chest x-ray (required by Hemispherx) came back with a suggestion of bronchitis. This isn’t surprising given the fact that most CFS/ME patients tend to develop lung problems the longer they have this lovely disease. I have had more pneumonia and bronchitis episodes than I can remember. I had my first bronchoscopy in my teens. There isn’t an antibiotic in the word that knocks these infections off their permanent perch inside my lungs. I took a weeks worth of ABO. to please Hemispherx. I hope they are pleased anyway.  

Back to reporting on Ampligen intake. My only real complaint is the amount of blood that the nurse took. I would have loved to have been warned that I was going to donate 14 large vials of blood to Hemispherx. I felt like I had been dropped into a version of Twilight where Edward actually eats Bella. (Hmm – note to self – contact Stephanie Meyer and discuss alternate ending to book series.) Nine vials in my left arm stopped bleeding. So – I got stuck in the other arm! Yay! When the ritual bloodletting ended I had two useless arms. Then I was informed that I needed to do more paperwork. Sure! With what arm?!

Since I am anemic anyway I felt like passing out when I left the office. Or possibly throwing up. Or both. I was such a pretty shade of translucent with little beads of cold sweat trickling down my forehead. Do me a favor – if you’re going to do the Ampligen thing be sure to bring lots of water and something sweet to eat to your appointment. Oh yes and one more thing – a driver.