I think we all know by now that our so-called “paperless” society is anything but. However, when I checked my email and saw the long-awaited Ampligen paperwork I was still taken aback. Seven pages from Hemispherx alone! Why didn’t they just print one sheet of paper and say something such as: “This drug may kill you or worse and no matter what you say or do or who you hire you will not win a lawsuit against us. We will also be charging you an exorbitant amount for the privilege of possibly dying a horrible death so don’t whine – or we’ll deny you entry into our study. Also we want blood and tests and x-rays and anything else we can think of that will be exhausting for you (since you have extra energy anyway).” 

All kidding aside, I think that had that bimbo not spilled her coffee into her lap while at a drive-thru we would not be subjected to such litigious warnings on every tag, box and package insert in the world. 

I get it. I am doing something risky and the trade-off could be big either way. That said I am an exhausted person. Couldn’t someone else initial all those pages?